Saturday, August 29, 2015

Plant Talk: Knock Out Roses

When the PLAYERS Championship was hosted in March, the main ornamental plants used on our property were Azaleas because of their abundance of blooms during that time. Now that the tournament has been moved to May, we don’t get the pop of color from the Azaleas anymore for the PLAYERS. As a result, we have replaced many Azaleas with Knock Out Roses.

We do a rejuvenational prune on our roses around February every year in an attempt to time their flush out with the PLAYERS. It takes about 10 weeks for roses to bloom after a hard prune, but this is very weather dependent, as roses also need warm weather to flush out and bloom. For that reason, it can be very tricky to get the timing perfect.

Roses are capable of flowering throughout most of the year here in Florida, but to keep them blooming and looking nice, you’ll need to deadhead them. Deadheading is when you cut off the declining blooms on the plant. This promotes new growth and thus new flowers!