Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Steroids for Trees: The Arborjet!

Here at TPC Sawgrass we’re taking our pesticide and fertilizer applications to another level when applying to trees and palms! Our newest tool for the job: the Arborjet. The Arborjet is a tree injection system that allows us to apply pesticides and fertilizers directly to the vascular tissues of the plant. This means the chemical will be used more rapidly and efficiently by the plant and we can use less product.

Another huge benefit to the Arborjet is the absence of non-target environmental impacts. When fertilizers are applied to the soil there is no way of stopping weeds from utilizing the nutrients, too. The same goes for pesticides. When insecticides and fungicides are injected directly into the plant, the only insects and fungi that are killed are the ones feeding on the plant. This falls within our drive at TPC Sawgrass for environmental stewardship.

First we drill 4 holes in the base of the tree or palm 
Then we tap plastic inserts into the holes we created.

Close up on the plastic insert.

Now we place the injection needles in all the inserts.

Lastly, we pressurize the container with the chemical and the chemical is forced in the
 vascular tissues of the tree or palm.

This is a Live Oak with the injectors all set up!