Wednesday, June 3, 2015 Tour Championship Preparation: Weed Control

Temperatures are rising as we get into the warmer part of the year and as the weather gets warmer, plants start growing! With the coming up in a few short months, we have to stay vigilant with our weed control through the summer and one very effective way to combat the oncoming weed infestation is to use preemergence herbicides.

Pre-emergence herbicides can be applied as a granular or liquid. Once applied, they create a barrier in the soil’s surface that inhibits weed seedling emergence. This is why this type of herbicide can be applied around existing plants without damaging them; however, this also means that it won’t be effective against existing weeds either.

We apply our pre-emergent, Specticle, at the label’s rate of 12oz per acre in order to reach our goal of 4 months of control over weeds! As for the weeds that already exist, we’ll use a combination of spraying Roundup and good ol’ fashion hand pulling to take care of those.

Our Chemical Technition: Bob Charette