Monday, March 30, 2015

Dye's Valley - Cultural Practices

Now that the greens are actively growing we have started several cultural practices designed to control grain development and maintain smooth, firm putting surfaces.  Our cultural practices began with verti-cutting the greens followed by top dressing with sand.  

Verti-cutting is a mechanical process that uses vertical blades to cut into the surface of the green to remove excess thatch and plant material.  This process aids in reducing grain in ultra-dwarf Bermuda grass by cutting decumbent leaves (runners) that can affect ball roll.  The verti-cutters used were set flush (0.000") with the greens surface to produce a very shallow, light vertical cut.  

After back track verti-cutting the greens were then mowed and top-dressed with sand.  

The sand was hand broomed then watered into the canopy. 

This combination of practices will help us maintain and increase the smoothness, firmness, ball roll and speed of the greens.  Further practices we will develop into our program will include the use of fold down brushes.