Friday, March 6, 2015

Crown Grass Propagation

Here at TPC Sawgrass we use a variety of ornamental grasses that have serrated, or sharp, edges such as: Crown Grass, Pampas Grass, and Fackahatchee Grass. For that reason, these grasses are otherwise, albeit vaguely, known as “Sawgrasses”. Of these ornamental grasses we utilize Crown Grass the most, so we have developed a program to propagate them ourselves in order to replenish the property’s landscape without adversely affecting the operating budget. 

We propagate Crown Grass, or Paspalum quadrifarium, by seeds that we collect off of the plants we have on property. First we remove seed heads off the plants, after they have matured, in various locations around the Valley and Stadium golf courses.  We then remove the seeds off the seed heads by hand and store them in our landscape nursery to dry out. Next, we plant the seeds shallowly in 50-count liners. Lastly, we store them in our greenhouse to allow for germination. Following germination approximately four weeks later we plant the individual plants in groups of 3 in 3 gallon grow containers to allow them to mature into medium sized plants. 

Billy Tate takes great pride in the work he's done with
the Crown Grass and other propagation projects.

Here are the Crown Grasses in 3 gallon grow containers