Friday, February 20, 2015

THE PLAYERS Stadium: Irrigation Mainline Additions

Over the last few months on THE PLAYERS Stadium, MacCurrach Golf Construction began working to install new mainline pipe in preparation for a new pump house. Phase I was completed a few weeks ago and phase II is currently in progress. Phase I was conducted to improve water flow to certain areas around the course and phase II will increase the overall flow rate from the new pump house. Construction of the pump house will significantly decrease the run time window at night and increase our flow rate from 1500 gallons per minute to 4500. We are using a 16 and 20 inch high-density polyethylene pipe system that will tie into the pump house. HDPE is being used for its ability to withstand corrosion and high levels of water pressure. The sticks of pipe are fused together using a heat plate, which fuses the pipe together making the joints stronger than the pipe itself. The new pump house will allow us to utilize the irrigation system more effectively and efficiently.  


Machine used to weld HDPE pipe

The seam between the welded pipe

Phase II began near the driving range

16 inch pipe toward the new pump house