Tuesday, October 21, 2014

THE PLAYERS Stadium: Overseeding

Last week on THE PLAYERS Stadium, the agronomy team began the process of over seeding the driving range tee, 3 tees in the professional short game area, and the par 3 tees on the golf course. These tees tend to receive much more traffic than our par 4 and 5 tees. Over seeding helps protect the dormant bermudagrass from wear and traffic. Before seeding with perennial rye grass, the tees were scalped down and blown clean. The lower height assures proper seed-to-soil contact. Once the west half of the driving range tee is fully covered, the eastern half will be over seeded, allowing guests to practice off fresh turf grass. 

Tees were scalped down to a height of .275".

After scalping, clippings were blown off the tee.

Rotary spreaders were used to spread the Perennial Ryegrass seed.

Drop spreaders were used on edges to keep from contaminating the rough.