Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dye's Valley Infrastructure Renovation Update - Greens Construction and Grow In

Over the last 7 months Dye's Valley has undergone a major infrastructure renovation that replaced the entire irrigation system, installed a new pump station, rebuilt all greens and resurfaced all fairways and tees.  The course officially opens to the public on September 23rd but not before hosting the 2014 Tour Championship.  With the Championship beginning in just 14 days we wanted to recap some of the work that has been completed this summer.

Greens Construction and Grow In
 Demolition of the greens began on March 3rd when the course closed.  
Sub Grade
Gravel Layer
Installed Greens Mix 
 Sprigging began on May 28th and was completed by June 15th. 
Sprigging greens.
 Slicing in greens sprigs.
 Sprigs after 14 days. 
 First mow after 21 days.
 Green after 6 weeks.
Green on August 31st.