Thursday, July 10, 2014

TPC Sawgrass Drill and Fill

Aerification is a vital practice that is performed to ensure that the soil profile beneath the turf is properly maintained. Aerification is the act of removing organic material to relieve compaction, increase water infiltration rates and increase oxygen in the soil. Common core aerification relieves the profile down to a maximum of approximately 6" below the surface. Because of our need for deeper alleviation, we chose to utilize the drill and fill technique.  The drill and fill machines drill down through the profile up to 10 inches and removes organic material when exiting. The machines then fill the drilled hole with sand.
The Drill and Fill machine.
 The drills exiting the putting surface.
Filling the drilled hole with sand.
 Fellow TPC employees preparing to add sand to the machine.
 The finished product before being broomed in.