Thursday, June 12, 2014

Landscape Operations Flower Change Out

The Landscape Operations team has recently completed their second successful flower change out of the year. All of the Resort area beds have been transformed from our branded colors Blue Salvia, ‘Janie bright yellow’ marigolds, and ‘Encore green leaf white’ begonias to a new color scheme of white, pink, and red. The flowers we are now showcasing on PGA Tour BLVD as well as in front of the Clubhouse Entry are a Pentas.

Helpful tips to provide high quality flower displays:

After we have prepped our flower beds we till the soil and apply a pre-plant fertilizer. (8-10-10).

All of our former flowers that have been disposed of are placed in our compost bin. All of these flowers once decomposed will be added into our future landscape beds for added soil nutrients. This step helps us support minimizing our carbon footprint during our change out process.

   After all of our flowers have been installed we allow a 2 week growth window before we apply a broad spectrum fungicide to help with future and or current disease issues.

Before Photo

After Photo