Saturday, June 21, 2014

Landscape Aerifying Clubhouse Turf

The Landscape Operations Team took advantage of the Players Stadium Course closure by aerifying the Tifway 419 Bermudagrass event lawns.  We treat the event lawn similarly to the golf course tees and greens due to the heavy use and foot traffic.  We host over (50) weddings annually and numerous corporate functions that take an inordinate amount of abuse.
We began the day by having (3) of our operators utilizing Toro Procore walk behind aerifiers working in opposite directions to quickly and efficiently pull cores from the lawns.  Next, the remaining team members manually push the cores into piles and remove them.  After the cores were removed, the surface was blown off thoroughly in order to open the aerification holes to receive the topdressing sand. The last stage of the process included applying a heavy rate of topdress sand and dragging the it in.  Our smaller areas were top dressed with walk behind Metermatic machines while the larger Upper Event Lawn utilized the larger Dakota top dresser.

Also of note, 4 days prior to aerfication we fertilized with a complete analysis fertilizer, a Harrell’s 12-2-12 blend.