Thursday, June 12, 2014

Aerification: Day 1

The Stadium Course closed down yesterday so that we could implement our cultural practice program. The process started with verticutting the greens at -1/4" and having a team blow off the greens and pick up the debris. Then we back-track mowed the greens at .135". Today we aerified them with 5/8" tines and picked up the cores. Fairways were also verticut at -1/4" then circle cut at .350. After the mow, fairways were then aerified at a depth of 6". Cores on the fairways were then drug in and blown off. Tee boxes were also aerified and cleaned off.

Verticutting at -1/4" with a 1" spacing

A blower team blew all the clippings that were getting thrown in front of the reels

Debris was vacuumed after the greens were cleaned off

Fairways were finished on Thursday.