Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dye's Valley Infrastructure Renovation: Irrigation Mainline Installation

In January, work began on Phase I of replacing the existing hydraulic irrigation system on Dye's Valley and converting it to an electric system.  Phase I includes installing HDPE irrigation mainline, slow-close isolation valves for future lateral lines, new power supply and new irrigation heads around the greens complexes.  Phase II will involve installing lateral irrigation lines and new irrigation heads on the rest of the golf course at a later date.
The control wires and power supply are laid along the mainline route.
Machine used to fuse the HDPE pipe together.
Slow-close isolation valves are installed for every lateral line.
New control boxes are installed on every hole.
Irrigation pipe is bored underneath lakes and road crossings.
New HDPE mainline is connected to the old PVC mainline to run the current irrigation system.
Mainline valves and bored pipe are tied into the system.