Friday, March 7, 2014

Ronstar Application

Monday started the process for weed prevention and fertilization by applying a Ronstar on Polyon carrier, 35-0-0 from wall to wall throughout the golf course. With mother nature being a factor in all golf course practices, beating the rain and having nature help with the watering process was perfectly planned by the agronomy staff. The polymer coated Ronstar was applied by 2 Lely tractor spreaders which covered a majority of the course, and 4 Anderson's rotary spreaders around the greens for a more precise throw. The application will minimize the emergence of annual weeds, with our focus being on crabgrass and goosegrass which will begin to emerge when the spring soils reach a temperature between 50-55 degrees. 

 Interns applied Ronstar to greens surrounds.
#4 with both a Lely and Anderson's rotary spreaders
Ronstar is applied by Lely to #18