Monday, March 24, 2014

New Seats Provide a Better Spectator Experience

With THE PLAYERS only 40 days away, the excitement throughout the golf community is starting to rise and so are the infrastructures that play as a host for all of the spectators. The tents and bleachers were started a few weeks early because of some changes in the layout of all spectating areas. Stadium bleachers have been the main seating provided for people enjoying the tournament for the past few years, and now some changes are being made which will involve more seating opportunities to fit not only a larger crowd in certain areas but also to ensure every spectator is offered an equal amount of space. The new seating arrangements have been upgraded to individual seats, which will offer more fans the opportunity to enjoy the best view at their favorite spots. New bleachers are now available behind 9 and 16 greens this year.
Seats are arranged for a more enjoyable view (#8)
The "seat" bleachers behind #1 tee. 
New spectator area behind #9 green
The best seat in the house #17