Friday, March 14, 2014

Dye's Valley - Summer Projects

Dye's Valley is closed for an infrastructure renovation and scheduled to open in September to host the Web.Com Tour Championship.  During this closure we plan to complete lots of projects to improve the golf course practically and aesthetically.  Here are some of the projects we have started already.  
Beside the 2nd hole on Dye's Valley runs a wall of vegetation that has become overgrown with invasive species.  We have dedicated a team of staff members to clear the under brush of this wall to reveal a vista view across to the 5th hole of The PLAYERS Stadium and the Clubhouse.  
 Leaving just established native plants and trees we have opened up the area and unified the courses.  

Our Assistants in Training and Interns are leading a project to install extensive additions to the existing drainage system.  
We have identified areas in fairways that require drainage additions. 
  These areas become unplayable after rain events and cause challenges for course set up.
 By installing new additions to the system we will improve the overall play-ability of the course.