Monday, March 24, 2014

Dye's Valley - Pump Station Installation

One of the upgrades to the infrastructure of Dye's Valley is a new pump station.  The existing pump station was over 20 years old and was not able to meet the demands of the golf course.  The steps taken to install the new station included building a new wet well, installing a new intake pipe and pouring a new concrete pad to house the station.  

 After digging a large hole, a prefabricated wet well was installed.
 The 11' well was installed in 2 pieces. 
 The hole is left for the intake pipe.
 A 30" HDPE intake pipe was installed with a screen.
A Link-Seal sleeve was used to seal the intake pipe with the wet well.   
The installed Link-Seal.
A new concrete pad was poured around the wet well. 
The new station was set in place using a large crane. 

We are very excited about this upgrade.