Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dye's Valley - "No-Till" Fairway Conversion Step 2

Step 1 of the "No-Till" Fairway Conversion on Dye's Valley was making 2 applications of herbicides at 14 day intervals.  This week Step 2 was completed when all the fairways were verti-cut, brushed and blown in an effort to removed the undesirable plant material.  The final steps of this conversion will include aerating, top dressing and then sprigging the fairways with Celebration bermudagrass.  
 The tractor drawn verti-cutter was set at -.500". 
 The verti-cutter is used to remove as much plant material as possible while leaving the soil in place. 
Behind the verti-cutter a team of blowers remove all of the loose plant material.  
Behind the blowers a street sweeper is used to turn over all of the soil and expose more plant material that can then be removed.  
 More blowing is required after the sweeper.
 This is the end product of the verti-cutter, blowers and sweeper.  We will repeat this step multiple times to continue removing plant material.