Monday, March 17, 2014

Dye's Valley - "No-Till" Fairway Conversion

Dye's Valley has closed for the summer to under go a major infrastructure renovation.  During this time the Agronomy team will be converting the fairways from common bermudagrass to 'Celebration' bermudagrass.  This is a long process that will involve killing the existing grass with herbicides and cultural practices then slicing 'Celebration' sprigs into the soil.  We started the 'No-Till' process at the beginning of March when all of the fairways were sprayed with a herbicide combination.  This application will be replicated three times at two week intervals to ensure that all of the grass is killed.  After the second application we will begin verti-cutting and aerating the fairways to expose and remove plant material.  
 #1 Fairway 7 days after the first application of herbicides. 
 #1 Fairway 10 days after the first application of herbicides.
#1 Fairway 14 days after the first application, during the second application.  The left side of the fairway has been sprayed with the herbicide and tracker.