Thursday, February 20, 2014

Water Filtration System Added to the Irrigation Pumps

THE PLAYERS Stadium Course added a new V-1500 irrigation filter to the existing pump system. Before the filter was installed, our system was having problems with buildup in the irrigation heads throughout the course. The buildup of sediment was inhibiting the irrigation heads from properly putting out the correct amount of gallons per minute. Also, the buildup was causing foot-valves to not close completely, causing the heads to weep. With this new filter, it will require the water to flow through a number of screens before entering the main line. These screens will reduce the amount of sediment going through the main line and to the irrigation heads.
A large crane was used to lower the new Flowtronex pipe through the roof.
Preparing to match up the new pipe to our existing pipe.
 Installing the final pieces of the filter.