Friday, February 21, 2014

Landscape Operations Hard Prune Roses

Preparation for THE PLAYERS is in full swing for the Landscape Operations team. The next few weeks our team will be hard pruning all of the roses at our resort areas and on the golf courses. This process is critical in order for us to produce our highest level product for the tournament. Timing is of the upmost importance, too early and the blooms will begin to die before the tournament and too late the blooms will not be present. Our team has developed a system that follows these guidelines listed below.
-Hard prune roses 90 days before the PLAYERS.  This year’s start date was February 16th.
-Apply pre-emergent to reduce the weeds in our landscape beds.
-Apply a granular fertilizer (10-10-10)  to stimulate growth of the plant.
-Once the plant has matured we typically apply 2-4 applications of a liquid fertilizer (10-30-20)  at low rates in order to initiate the first bloom cycle. 

-If blooms peak too soon, we will “dead head” the declining blooms in order to promote a flush of blooms.