Friday, February 14, 2014

Dye's Valley - Wet Well Installation

During the infrastructure renovation on Dye's Valley the pump station and wet well will be replaced and upgraded.  In preparation of the new pump station being installed a new wet well was dug and installed today.  Early next week the concrete pad that will house the pump station will be poured and left to cure.  Here are some pictures of the wet well installation.  
 A large hole was dug next to the irrigation pond with a channel cut out for the future flume pipe to lay. 
 The base of the hole was lined with gravel to create a solid base.  
 Prefabricated concrete structures were brought in.
 The base structure has an inlet sized for the flume pipe that will be seal with a link seal system.  
 The base layer had to be perfectly level.  
Between the first and second layer Ram-Nek was installed to help seal and bond the two structures.  The flume pipe will be installed over the weekend and then the well back filled.