Saturday, January 18, 2014

Landscape Operations Composting Program

Our Landscape Operations Team has been challenged in 2014 with incorporating new ideas and methods within our operation in order to become more efficient with our budget.   One area we targeted was the utilization of compost within our operation.  Each year we dispose of hundreds of cubic yards of waste either to the local landfill or we will occasionally permit burn select landscape waste.   We now compost all of our old annual and perennial flowers while occasionally adding small amounts of grass clippings with soil.  When done properly we can use the soil from our compost to provide added nutrients to our future planting needs. To create high quality compost it is best to alternate between brown materials and green materials. For our brown materials we used soil, leaves, and wood chips. Grass clippings and kitchen scraps are also being utilized as our green materials.  We take pride in being able to use our own waste and turn it into a soil beneficial for our upcoming plantings. We are pleased to see how much this process has benefited our team with disposing our waste in a more resourceful way.