Friday, January 17, 2014

Dye's Valley Infrastructure Renovation Update

 The first week of the infrastructure renovation is coming to a close.  This week the irrigation pond was drained, dredged and reshaped to increase the life span and capacity of the holding pond.  On #4 irrigation mainline and power wires were also installed.
The pond supply was turned off and drained down in preparation of the dredging. 

A large excavator was used to remove loose material. 
After removing the excess material the slope was smoothed and the supply was turned back on. 

On #4 the power wire and station wires for the new irrigation system were dragged into place.
 All of the red and blue wires are for new stations. 
 The lenghts of HPDE mainline were staged in location and Service Tees were welded in place.
 This is the welding machine used.
 The new mainline has to be threaded underneath the existing mainline that will still be used to water the course during this project. 
No trenches are being left open; as the pipe is installed with the wires it is quickly back filled.
The back filled trench is very clean and will be sodded in the future.