Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dye's Valley - Nursery Green Construction

Last week our staff completed the construction of a new nursery green.  Here are the steps taken to construct the new green.  

 At the existing fairway nursery a 12" cavity was excavated.  Grade points were established every 5' and using a surveying transit the target grade of 2% was achieved.  
 After establishing the correct grade, the outfall of the green was identified and a herringbone drainage system designed.  The laterals were spaced every 10' with a large smile drain at the base of the green.  
 The drainage pipe was installed in trenches below the sub grade.  
The pipe was 4", perforated, double wall with sock.   
 The trenches were back filled with gravel then the grade checked again.  
 A liner and tracing wire was installed on the perimeter of the green before the gravel layer was installed. 
 The gravel was checked for consistency of depth and fine-tuned to ensure that the grade was maintained.  
The root zone is a 85-15 mix of sand and peat moss which was measured for consistent depth and correct grade.  The green will remain in this state until the spring when we plant to sprig the green with TifEagle bermudagrass.