Friday, November 8, 2013

Pine and Oak tree replacement

Tree replacement is an important part of the ecosystem. The large caliper trees that are nearly sky high have not only an environmental value, but a historical value to properties. Unfortunately many of our trees on property have reached a point where they are starting to phase out over time. These trees are being cut down as needed and used for other purposes such as mulch. This change has brought us to our transition process. Currently on property we are focusing on our pine tree replacements. We have a total of 100 Slash Pines in the nursery and 25 Oak trees that are going to be placed around the property on the Players Stadium Course. These trees are highly important in our reforesting process.

Things to keep in mind when planting new trees:
-make sure they are in the proper area ex: sunlight requirements, soil requirements, and placement in relation to other trees.
-make sure to transport them gently to provide minimal disturbance to the root ball and tree.
-dig the hole wide enough to fit the whole root ball and have room for back fill to allow the roots more room to develop.
- Add fertilizer to stimulate root and plant growth
-stabilize the tree by using opposing tree stakes to help the tree grow straight instead of an irregular pattern or lean.
-Water frequently until the tree has been established.
-Be aware of placement:  Shadows cast by trees can potentially damage turf if in the wrong areas