Saturday, November 16, 2013

Landscape Operations Team Winterization

This winter the Landscape Operations Team has been preparing to renovate our greenhouse with all new weed mat flooring.  During this time of year the temperatures are dropping and with the cooler climate it is hard for our tropical plants to thrive without shelter.   Frost and/or freezing temperatures can cause serious physiological harm to tropical ornamentals due to the relative tenderness of stems, leaves and roots.  We are trying to prevent as much damage as possible in order to produce a high quality product for the upcoming PLAYERS by moving our nursery stock of tropical plants inside the greenhouse.  We will relocate over four hundred Hawaiian Ti plants (Cordyline terminalis) from the PLAYERS Stadium Golf Course and bring them inside to the buffered greenhouse.   Our greenhouse is lined with (2) layers of 3ML plastic,  which keeps the inside temperature warmer in the winter months by absorbing and retaining the heat. This insulation also allows us to begin our propagation processes now, instead of the spring, while in preparation for the PLAYERS. For more information on how we propagate our nursery stock check out next week’s blog titled ‘Propagation’