Friday, October 18, 2013

Each year the Landscape Opperation Team...

Every year there are flower change outs that go on around the property. This year the landscape crew put in a team effort in changing out 4 flower beds total. Two beds were in front of the clubhouse. One known as the fountain bed the other know as the palm bed. (Above Picture Fountain Bed, Below Picture Palm Bed)

In addition to the two Clubhouse beds being replaced two beds on PGA Tour Blvd. were also part of the change out process shown below.


The existing flowers in each of these beds are Pentas, which are considered perennials. They are a butterfly attracting plant that will continue to bloom for many months. Although they do well for most of the summer months, they are not frost tolerant. That is why we are are changing them out for a variety more fitting for the upcoming months. The plant we will be replacing them with is called Angelonia. This perennial is great due to its hardiness and will bloom through the holidays. They provide vibrant color even in the cooler weather, where most plants go dormant.

There are a few steps to follow in the flower change outs:
1. Remove existing flowers
2. Smooth out planting area with a rake
3. Add fertilizer and water in before planting the next day
4. Dig holes at proper spacing to provide best planting conditions
5. Plant new flowers

Please take the time to enjoy the process pictures and finished product: