Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dye's Valley - Tee Overseeding

In preparation for winter, Dye's Valley Agronomy staff overseeded all tees with Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) at a rate of 20 lbs/1000 ft.  Ryegrass overseed offers an aesthetically pleasing playing surface when the Bermuda grass turns dormant and allows the turf to recover in the winter months from divots.

Before overseeding, the Bermuda grass tees were verti-cut and scalped down to decrease competition for the seed.  This process opens the surface to create opportunity for the seed to come into contact with the soil which is essential for germination.  The seed was applied with rotary spreaders in several directions followed by a top dressing of sand.  The top dressing sand will aid in the retention of moisture while holding the seed in place during germination.  

Germination occurs within 7-9 days if the seed is kept moist.   Night time irrigation will be used to supply the majority of the water, however, during warmer/drier days utilization of syringe hoses will be required.  One of the major challenges after applying seed is the chance of a large rain fall that could wash seed away from the target surfaces.    
The verti-cutting process.
The tees after being verti-cut and scalped.  

Rotary spreaders were used for the majority of the surfaces with a drop spreader being used on the edges.  

Top dressing after the seed.
The finished product.