Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dye's Valley - GreensScan3D

Beginning in March 2014, Dye's Valley will close for a greens complex renovation.  The primary objective of the renovation is to recapture elements of the original design features made by the legendary architect Pete Dye in 1986.  This will be accomplished by installing new irrigation, drainage and greens mix.  

Part of the design and planning process require the recording of the current greens topography.  Mapping the topography of greens used to be a very tedious task, fortunately with the help of companies such as GreensScan3D we have been able to record all of the greens in one day.   

Using a state of the art laser, GreensScan3D is able to record every undulation on the greens surface to be digitally recorded and preserved.  Generating maps ensure the greens are returned to the exact locations, or in some cases recapture original design features that have changed over time.  

The laser is set up on a tripod and uses targets (spheres) placed around the green to survey the surface.  The data collected in then downloaded so that maps can be generated.  
This is an example of the maps generated after the scan is complete.