Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dye's Valley - Green's Overseeding

Dye's Valley was closed on Tuesday and Wednesday for overseeding with Poa trivialis, Rough Stalk Bluegrass.  The following processes below were performed to ensure the best playing surface is achieved with the cool season grass.
The greens were verti-cut at -1/8" in 3 directions.
The verti-cutters removed plant material from the existing greens to increase the seed's germination probability in relation to the existing bermudagrass.  
  The greens were blown clean and thoroughly cleaned before seed was applied using drop spreaders.  The seed rate was halved between two spreaders, and then applied in two directions to ensure no skips or major overlaps occurred.  
Keeping the seed on the greens proved difficult at times and on several occasions the process was halted due to strong gusts of winds carrying the seed away from the target areas.  
A pre-emergent herbicide was applied on the greens surrounds prior to seeding to limit the growth of seed in unwanted areas.  Great care was taken to ensure that the seed was isolated to the greens.  

Once seeding was complete, a light top dressing of sand was applied; the sand will aid in keeping the sand in place and retaining moisture.  

After top dressing, the greens were fertilized with a pre-plant fertilizer at 1 lb/1000 ft² of Phosphorous.  Afterward, the fertilizer was watered in.

Agronomy personnel has to maintain adequate moisture on the greens while the seeds germinate and establish.  Some germination will  occur after five days but full coverage will be achieved after two weeks.