Thursday, October 24, 2013

Championship Way Sod Project

Each summer following the PLAYERS golf championship the Landscape Operations team is challenged to upgrade the existing resort landscape in order to continually improve upon the quality of our operations. During this past summer the Landscape Operations Team re-grassed the entire length of our entrance drive, Championship Way. We converted the existing Tifway 419 to the newer 'Celebration' cultivar of bermudagrass. The project began by our irrigation technician flagging all irrigation heads, valve and electrical boxes in order to insure that all utilities would not be covered in the demolition process. The next step involved the use of a sod cutter allowing us to have a much smoother cleanup process. Once all  of the sod had been removed, we brought in sand to cap the existing soil and allow a consistent final grade. This process is key in making sure there are no low spots where excess water would pool in heavy rains.

 Once the sand has been smoothed out and graded for optimal drainage we added a pre-plant fertilizer before installation of the sod. Due to the timing of this project in July and August it was vitally important that the newly laid sod receive sufficient moisture to allow for consistent establishment. Lastly, in order to provide a finished appearance, our team applied pine straw along the edges of all landscape beds. After the final product has had time to root the newly-established turf was mowed at 2.75" and at a slow speed in order to allow an even cut.