Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tour Professional Practice Area Renovation

This summer was extremely busy with construction on the PLAYERS Stadium.  We started the summer with a renovation to the practice facility tee.  We then moved into the fairway conversion to Celebration.  We finished the summer with a complete renovation and greens construction in the Tour Professional practice area. 

The renovation started with an Arborcom report that helped us select new locations for two new greens.  Shade had always been a problem in this practice area.  With construction taking place, we believed it was time to relocate a couple greens in order to preserve two oak trees. 

The original putting green was demolished and cored out.  Once the subgrade was finished, we built two smaller putting greens and converted our original nursery green to a putting green.  Having multiple greens will enable us to provide the Tour Professionals with a fast green throughout the year, while also giving us the ability to allow the other greens to recover from stress.  It will be a constant rotation of the greens to satisfy the Tour Pros and preserve the bermudagrass through the winter.

Thus far, the Tour Pros are very happy with their practice area.  The area is more open and all greens are accessible for a variety of shots from many locations.  From a professional practice standpoint, they are constantly desiring shot variety in their practice sessions.