Friday, September 6, 2013

The Details

The summer of 2013 on The PLAYERS Stadium course has been a very busy one to say the least. With all the fairways, approaches and tees continuing to grow in strongly, many of the side detail projects are coming to a successful finish.  These Detail projects may have not made the headlines, but have an important role with improving the way the golf course receives players, fans and even mother nature. 

The Walkway between 16 green and 17 tee was laser leveled to provide a flat walking surface for Players to approach one of the most intimidating shots in golf.

A transfer pipe from an out of play pond that allows water to flow off property in cases of high rainfall that has been crushed was replaced.

Most of the “waste” material from the old 419 Bermuda fairways was actually not wasted at all. New spectator mounds were created and old ones were expanded to improve the overall PLAYERS Stadium fan experience. 
 New Spec Mound Behind 14 green before Sod
14 Completely sodded and ready to grow in