Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stadium Update 9/10/2013

Yesterday on the Stadium, we were closed for our third Ronstar application.  We spread Harrell's 22-0-0 Polyon with .75% Ronstar.  The spread rate was 267 pounds per acre which calculates out to 1.3 pounds of nitrogen per 1000 square feet and 2 pounds of Ronstar per acre.  The goal is to continue our summer goosegrass preventative control and begin our fall Poa preventative control.  We used Scott Gautia with Golf Green spreading company to  apply the product quickly and accurately.  Scott did a great job.

Our next preemergent application will be a 1# ai/acre application of Prodiamine in December.

Today, during our afternoon closure we verticut the greens with our ATT cassettes.  They were set up at -1/32" with a .77" spacing between the blades.  We verticut up and back same pass in a 12 o'clock direction.  Following the verticut we ran the ATT groomers up and back at a 3 o'clock direction to clean the surface.  The groomer was setup at +.060".  We then double cut with a 12 o'clock backtrack mow.  After all the cutting and mowing we topdressed and hand broomed the sand.  The product looked great.