Friday, September 6, 2013

Dye's Valley Golf Course Enhancements

With the Web.Com Tour Championship commencing in 17 days, enhancements continue to be made throughout the course.  Earlier this week, cart path panels that were damaged during the construction of the HUB practice area were torn out and replaced.  Twelve panels were replaced throughout number one cart path while three panels were replaced on number eighteen.  Improvements were also made on the lake bank leading from number five green to six tees.  Because of its steep grade, heavy rainfall events were causing the plants along the lake bank to slide further and further down the lake bank.  The plants were pulled out of the lake bank, EnkaMat was laid and the slope was softened to prevent further washouts. 

Number 1 Cartpath Panel being replaced

Number 5 lake bank being excavated
Finish grade of number 5 lakebank