Thursday, August 1, 2013

Stadium Aerification Update

The Stadium greens were dryjected on Tuesday and again Wednesday immediately after we pulled 3/8" cores from the greens Monday. They were double rolled following the dryject process to smooth the surface up. The approaches were topdressed yesterday along with the fairways. The fairways will be completed today. MacCurrach Golf Construction continues to replace the last of the tee boxes with Celebration Bermuda this week also.
#5 green being dryjected again Wednesday
8 pro tee was leveled on Wednesday
8 pro tee was sodded Thursday 

All approaches were topdressed on Wednesday
Approaches were dragged in with chain mats later in the day
After fairways were aerified and the cores were broken up, this sweeper picked up the debris
Fipronil was sliced into fairways and tees Wednesday for mole cricket control