Friday, August 2, 2013

3 Pro Tee Box Expansion

The professional tee box on hole 3 was expanded this week due to its smaller size. The professional area of this tee box is the skinny portion as shown in the picture below. The larger part of this tee box is used for lower handicap golfers. The larger teeing area will accomodate the professionals better during THE PLAYERS so all the divots aren't confined to one space. The downward slope off the back of the tee box was raised up to increase more viewing spots for fans during the tournament also.
 The skinny portion on the right side of this tee box is used during THE PLAYERS
Expansion of the tee box began early in the week
The tee box was sandcapped with at least 6" of sand to increase drainage
The back slope was raised up for a better viewing experience for fans