Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dye's Valley - While We're Young

Dye's Valley Agronomy team and the Club House Professional Staff have taken the  USGA (United States Golf Association) "Pace of Play Pledge".  The pledge is designed to improve the golfing experience for everyone by creating an efficient golfing environment that still challenges golfers of all levels.  

Dye's Valley Agronomy is helping with Pace of Play by installing 150 yard markers and yardage plates on irrigation heads and cart paths.  By making the yardage visible we hope to enable golfers to make their club selection before getting to their ball.  

The new 150 markers are located in the center of the fairways.

Another way we are helping increase the pace of play is by lowering the rough height of cut.  Dye's Valley is renown for difficult rough that challenges golfers of all skill level throughout the year.  When the rough is at 2", golfers are able to locate their ball faster.  Lowering the height has not made the rough any easier; wayward shots are still penalized as the density of rough has increased at the new height.  

The rough is being mowed at 2" twice a week. 

We have already benefited from the increased pace of play.  Now that golfers are prepared to play their shot there is less down time for our crew, meaning that we can be more productive during the day.  

If you or your club are interested in taking the pledge and improving the golfing experience and industry visit the USGA website.

The "Pace of Play Pledge" is as follows; 

  • As one who loves golf, I understand my critical role in improving pace of play.
  • I will examine my own habits on the golf course to identify ways that I can pick up the pace.
  • I will Tee It Forward and play from the set of tees best suited to my driving distance, in an effort to speed
  • up play and have more fun.
  • I will practice “ready golf” during stroke play; I will hit when I am ready to play, but only when it is safe to
  • do so.
  • I will serve as an example for those around me and I will strive to inspire and guide my fellow golfers to
  • improve their pace of play.
  • I understand that golf course design and setup can affect pace of play, and I promise to support those
  • who manage the facilities where I play to find solutions for optimizing pace of play.
  • I will seek out a golf professional to help me improve my game and my pace of play.
  • I will embrace opportunities to play nine holes when my schedule doesn’t allow for an 18-hole round.
  • I will encourage others to take the Pace of Play Pledge, for the good of the game.
  • I will play more quickly, play better and have more fun!