Thursday, June 27, 2013

THE PLAYERS Stadium Greens Encroachment Barrier

THE PLAYERS Stadium Course is now at the midway point of a major renovation project.  This three week process has allowed the agronomy team to complete numerous agronomic tasks.  One of those tasks consists of installing an encroachment barrier around each putting green.  This barrier will prevent any rhizomes from growing into or "contaminating" our ultra dwarf MiniVerde putting greens and will help the root zone retain adequate moisture.  The barrier was installed with a tracker wire that will allow us to determine exactly where the edge of the green is at all times.  TRW Enterprises Inc. and three of our stadium interns, Wes Dyer, Matt Carmeci, and Pat Fitzgerald, completed the installation.
Each green was marked with a red line to determine the edge and lined with plywood.
A cavity was then dug from the collar of each green to prepare for the barrier.
The barrier was fed from a spool within the cavity
The barrier and wire was pulled by this machine around each green
Intern Pat Fitzgerald watered in the remaining sand and greens mix back into the edge of the green.