Thursday, June 20, 2013

Stadium Course Greens Cultural Practices

   Our processes started with verticutting the greens using our scarifers set at -.4" down with 2” spacing. Vertical mowing the greens helps to remove thatch by making grooves through the stolons. Then our Procore aerifiers with 5/8" tines set at 1.5” X 2" spacing were used to pull out cores. Pulling cores is beneficial for better air/gas exchange and water infiltration. Aerification is vital during the summer in keeping our greens in top shape for play year-round.

Vertically mowed with scarifier at -.400 of an inch

Scarifier reel at 2” spacing
Verticutting removes excess thatch
Procore Aerifier with 5/8" tines set at 1.5”X 2" spacing
Baby Dakota top dressing 4 green