Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dye's Valley Aerification

For the past week Dye's Valley Golf Course has been closed for aerification. 

The greens were topdressed wheel-to-wheel for a more uniform application of sand.

The greens were aerified with the Toro Procore 648 at a spacing of 2" x 2" with a 5/8" tine.  The core harvester attachments were used to produce a very clean surface and drag sand into the aeration holes.

After being cleaned, we broomed all greens in order to work the sand into the holes

The fairways were aerated at 2 x 2.5" spacing with 1"tines.

After aeration the tees and fairways were verticut, swept, topdressed and dragged with a steel drag mat.

All processes were completed last week