Thursday, May 30, 2013

THE PLAYERS Stadium Summer Cultural Practices

The summer turfgrass cultural practices are now in full swing as temperatures have steadily been in the mid 80’s.  The agronomy crew will frequently be verti-cutting the greens on THE PLAYERS Stadium course throughout the summer.  This operation consists of a triplex with a special reel that cuts vertically into the canopy of the turf.  The height of this unit is set at “-0.03” which will improve the vertical movement (reducing grain) of the leaf blade increasing the plants photosynthetic rate.  This process will allow for better penetration of topdressing sand and water.  The final product will insure that our customers and members are provided with fast and firm putting surfaces. 
Greens were verti-cut one direction up and back the same pass
They were then topdressed lightly and dragged in