Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dye's Valley HUB: Greens Sprigging

Today the greens at the Dye's Valley HUB were sprigged, the last process of contruction work.  Prior to the sprigs being laid, the greens were fertilized with a 6-12-18 pre-plant fertilizer and a polymer coated 18-2-18 fertilizer.  Shortly after the fertilizer was applied, we began to shake bushels of sprigs at a rate of 30 bushels per 1,000 square feet.  Once the sprigs were evenly distributed across the greens, they were then sliced into the soil and rolled.  Now that the sprigs are on the greens, it is important that we do not allow them to dry out, as this would result in a loss of turf during the grow-in process.  To keep the sprigs from drying out, a program has been set up in the irrigation computer that will run water for five minutes, every 30 minutes throughout the day. 

Sprigs being spread on the putting green
The sprigs are sliced and rolled into the green using a specialized tractor

The sprigs must continually be kept wet until they are established in the soil