Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dye's Valley HUB - Day 3

Another successful day for the Dye's Valley HUB project. The pumps have been shut off since day one, so the major focus today was to get  the pumps pressurized.  The pumps were shut down to allow for the installation of the new irrigation pipes at a later date; the hub area is now cut off and isolated from the rest of the irrigation system.  The irrigation system is an old hydraulic system that relies on hydraulic pressure to control heads.  In order to complete this work and operate the rest of the system a temporary above ground water supply was added to maintain hydraulic pressure.   A temporary power supply was also added to allow us to control the system via radio and SitePro.  The other focus of the day was clearing the existing green's cavity including old drainage pipe and demolishing the mound where the new putting green will be located.

This is the rerouting of the temporary hydraulic line and power supply.  

The drainage removed from old putting green was crushed and blocked with material.