Monday, March 18, 2013

Dye's Valley HUB - Day 11

The week has started off strong for Dye's Valley Hub project.  The grading plans were completed for the putting green and the final shaping could be done to the sub grade.  Mainline drainage installation also continued around the putting green.

The mainline drainage is the deepest drainage pipe that connects all the laterals of the new system together.  The mainlines takes all water to an outfall like this.  

 The drainage mainlines are installed before the laterals and irrigation lines because they are the deepest pipe.    The irrigation mainline will be installed at a shallower depth and then all the laterals will follow.  

This is a typical diagram used by the construction team to create the sub-grade of a green.  This diagram shows the green broken into a grid with numbers corresponding to the level of each point.  With this the design and construction team can determine where to remove or add soil to get the desired sub-grade. 

After analysis by the design team soil had to be added and shaped.  It is a delicate art, but the sub-grade is the foundation of the green and needs to be perfect.  The green is now ready to have drainage pipe and gravel added tomorrow.