Friday, February 15, 2013

Landscape Operations

The Landscape Operations Team at the TPC Sawgrass prides itself on new, innovative ways to constantly improve the resort's ornamental landscape.  One tool that we have been utlizing over the last several years is a large, expansive greenhouse.  We constructed a 3,200 square foot structure in the Fall of 2011 (pictured below).  Each year we re-surface the roof with a 6mil UVA clear plastic material that allows light penetration while protecting our sensitive plants from freezing temperatures and frost.  

Careful handling of covering is required to prevent tearing.

8 staff members are required to
install the roofing material.

Finished Result

The greenhouse has proven to be a valuable asset to our operation by allowing us to protect our sensitive ornamental plants and also allowing us to propagate certain plant species in more of a controlled environment.   

Todd Fonda
Landscape Superintendent
TPC Sawgrass