Monday, January 21, 2013

Digital Assignment Board: How To

With many inquiries to our November 23 posting about our assignment boards, here is a more in-depth look at the new assignment board setup. 

To maximize space on the walls and to help create a centralized location that would better control office traffic to the break room, we have utilized High Definition LCD televisions as our new assignment boards in the crew’s break room. The older, larger dry erase boards were located in the mechanics bay which caused much unwanted traffic through the office area into the break room. Switching from the dry erase boards was simple with the utilization of 54 inch televisions and video cards connecting the computers via HDMI cables. We purchased a VGA ( PC to Monitor) / HDMI (Connects to HD televisions) adapter, which essentially turns the television into the computer screen.   
VGA/HDMI adapter running from the PC to the television.
HDMI cable from the adapter plugs into the TV.
The assistants are now able to post assignments from their respective desks for each course’s crew. To create more desktop space at each work station’s PC, we have adopted a dual monitor system with each left screen being what the crew views. The software used to post assignments is a custom Microsoft Excel spread sheet that can be color coded and easily changed for second assignments in the afternoon.

Dual monitors with the left screen always being what the crew views.
 Custom Microsoft Excel spread sheet with assignments

Please note, these job boards are not "smart boards".  Based on cost, "smart boards" are not a viable option for many golf course maintenance operations.  LCD TV's and video cards are a now relatively inexpensive alternative to the old school chalk and dry erase boards.  With the help of most Electronic Hardware stores/suppliers, this digital setup is simple and possible at any shop.