Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Attacking Roots on The PLAYERS Stadium

With fairway bunker sand additions in the near future, this week the team on The PLAYERS Stadium brought in support to assist in root removal and control in selected bunkers.  Southeastern Turf Supply supplied a blec ground breaker for a day to support the cause.

The machine is tractor driven and uses the PTO shaft in creation of significant torque to the blades.  Following the selected bunkers the machine was used to prune tree line roots and compacted areas around the course.  Depth of the blades was set to 7 inches.

Following the process a team from The PLAYERS Stadium crew removed the tilled and broken up roots.

Wood line roots like these are detrimental to turf growth and coverage in spring time. 

Eder and Tony lead the final clean up process.  Once the roots are removed, the sand will be leveled and raked smooth, ready for additions next week.