Sunday, December 9, 2012

Battling leaf spot on The PLAYERS Stadium

  With unseasonably warm night temperatures and persistent cloud cover with a few full day fog events during the past week, development of Leaf-spot diseases is favorable.  With detailed scouting this morning after sunrise it was clear to the superintendent team on The PLAYERS Stadium that early on-set of Leaf-spot had taken and thus an application of fungicide was immediately needed.

Here is an image from 5 green Sunday 12/8

The Assistant-In-Training team of Kyle Worthy and Molly Heath are working through the challenges of a busy tee sheet with numerous other professional guests this morning to get all 29 greens the Stadium team oversees sprayed with Medallion fungicide (Active Ingredient: fludioxonil), Calcium Silicate, and micro nutrients.  The dedication of the AIT staff is essential to turf maintenance year round, and especially during these trying winter months.

Kyle Worthy (left) and Molly Heath spraying 11 green Sunday 12/8